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O.D. on G.D. ;; Chapter One.

Title; O.D. on G.D.
Fandom/Pairing; Wonderbang - Ji Yong/So Hee, Seung Hyun/Yoo Bin
Rating; PG-13
Summary; When So Hee finds herself at a party alone, she meets a mysterious man by the name of GD. Then, meeting a boy by the name of Ji Yong, she's sure that they are one in the same. But when GD denies it, So Hee finds herself falling for two polar opposites - who "just happen" to look the exact same.
Author's Note; I really suck at summaries. But I really just love wonderbang. I hope that you enjoy the story. I believe that is the first fanfiction post here. I hope that this is all right.

( He told her, swinging back another shot, "You can call me GD.")
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