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Who said drama?

Hello, hello~
As you can see, wonderbang_ism has a new header, layout and basically, a new profile too, please let me know if you like it, or if you liked the previous better.

To celebrate that, here is the Wonder Bang music drama :

They all fell for Sunye, and lol at Toobin =DD

And to end this, here's a poll :

What is your favorite Wonder Bang pairing?

1* HEEDRAGON (G-Dragon&Sohee)  {2 votes}

2* SUNTAE (Sunye&Taeyang)  {1 vote}

3* TOOBIN (TOP&Yoobin)  {4 votes}

4* DAEEUN (Daesung&Yeeun)  {1 vote}

5* RIMI (Seungri&Sunmi)  {1 vote}

6* G-YE (G-Dragon&Sunye)  {2 votes}

7* OTHER (Let us know who~)

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